Ecological Materials

As much as possible, we choos positive environmental impact materials for our photo goods. Photo prints itself is not environmentaly friendly, and today there is not satisfactory solution (ink, paper, machine) to reconcile ecology ans quality.  But everything that surrounds the photo print can be  ! We choose recycled cardboard as flagship matérial, 100% recycled, only composed of renewable raw materials. We also use some  wood from responsible forest, certificated PEFC. Finally, our textiles are made of natural fibers (modal, lencel), organic or recycled cotton, or recycled polyester.


A green corporate culture

In Clicher House, it recycles, (ça trie), it plants, it spinning!

Our big garden houses several fruit trees, tomatoes,courgettes, and a composter for reduce our wastes and entretenir maintain the plants. Without speaking aboutour beehive and its 50 000 inhabitants.


Local and internal production

Your photos are all printed by us, in our studio!  To be precise is Flore (and her soft withe gloves) who print, handles, packed up, and ships carefully. Do you want to check? You are welcomed at the 229 route de Seysses at Toulouse! 

Our parters are preferably local actors. Our photo boxes hot stamping, for example, is made at Studio Pression, a Gers artisant.


The same requirement for our suppliers

Our suppliers are handpicked. We ask them for demanding certifications, such as the GOTS  label for example for all textile products.