1 My account

Do I have to create an account to order?

Yes. You can create your account by logging in with Facebook (one click) or by filling in a form: first name, last name, e-mail, and password (8 alphanumeric characters). It's quick and easy! 

I forgot my password, how can I do? 

On the login page (on the app or on the website), click on the link “forgot your password?”, inform your email and let us guide you.

How do I change my contact information?

Log into your account on the Clicher website. Go on the “My Account” page and click on “Edit My Information”. The feature will soon be available in the mobile application.

How do I stop receiving Clicher emails?

If you have ordered on Clicher (congrats! thank you!), you will receive some emails to inform you about the status of your order (confirmation, shipping…). For the other emails, you can unsubscribe at any time. Login to your account on the website, go to the page “My account”, click on “Edit My information” and uncheck the box. 

How can I delete my account?

This is not possible, we are bound for life. If you really insist, send a request to

Can I have a false ID - like Ziggy Stardust for example?

Yes, but it is necessary to put your mailman in the confidence, because otherwise, you will not receive your order.

2 My order

Can I cancel my order?

No, this is not possible. Clicher products are customized with your photos, you can’t cancel or return your order, except in the case of a defective order.

Can I modify my order?

No, this is not possible. Clicher productsare customized with your photos, you can’t modify your order.  

Can I renew an order identical to a previous order? Can I keep my photos for a next order? 

Not for the moment. This feature will be available soon!

How can I receive my invoice?

It will soon be available on the website, in “My Account” space. For now, you can request it by email at


3 Payment

What are the available means of payment? 

It is possible to pay your order by credit card and soon by Paypal. 

Is payment on Clicher secure?

Absolutely. The payment information you send is encrypted by the payment service.

Can I delete my bank data? 

Not yet, but your validation is obviously required for each new order and your banking informations are protected by encrypted data.


4 Delivery

How can I follow my order?

In the app, on “My order” tab, select the order you want to follow.You will find your order detail and its production steps. According to the shipping mode, you have a tracking number allowing you to know at anytime where is your package located. This number is sent to you by e-mail, directly by the carrier.

In which countries do you deliver?

For the moment, in France, Belgium, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland. But delivery will soon be possible all over the world! Be patient!

How much does shipping cost?

For the prints (Classic or Luxury Velvet), shipping is 2€ l(regular mail) and 8€ (Chronopost).

For the photoboxes, shipping is 4€ l(regular mail) and 9€ (Chronopost).

And it's free for all orders over 50€, for France.

How long should I wait to receive my order?

If you chose the shipment by regular email, it takes 48h* of delay from the moment your product has been shipped, about 3-5* days from the moment you placed order.

If you chose the shipment by Chronopost, it takes 24h* max from the moment your product has been shipped, or about 2-3 days* from the time you ordered.

This delay may vary according to the products you chose. The final delay will be indicated when you place your order.

* Deadlines expressed in working days

Can I modify my shipping address?

If your order has already been placed, it is probably too late to modify the shipping address. You can always make a request to, we will tell you if it is possible.

Does Clicher make any surprises?

Yes - No - Well, maybe - But shhh!


5 Returns and claims

My order is defective, I am not satisfied with my order or I wish to return my order.

First of all, sorry! Contact within 15 days after the receipt of your order, and we will do all the necessary to satisfy you.

I did not receive all the products that I have ordered.

Oops, sorry! Please contact within 15 days after the receipt of your order, so that we can repair this oversight.


6 Products

How can I transfer my photos to use Clicher?

You can upload your photos from your mobile gallery, from Facebook, Instagram and from Google photo.

Will my photos be modified before printing? 

Your photo are not retouched by our services. Only your modifications, filters and editings will be taken into account. Everything is based on your talent!

Do I need to reframe my photos?

Clicher applies an automatic cropping centered on the photo, but it is highly recommended to check each of your photos and to edit them if it is necessary. To do this, touch the photo and crop it as you want. You can also rotate the photo and add a caption if you have selected this option.

What is the Luxury Velvet paper particularity?

It is an ultra matte premium paper with a real velvety touch. It has no reflections and does not mark the fingerprints.
Its rendering is particularly well suited for artistic photos, already well balanced.
On the other hand, it can reduce the brightness of your least contrasted photos. For your daily life photos, we recommend you choose the glossy paper of our Classic Prints.

How to choose the same photo several times? 

If you want to print this photo in the same format and the same style, but several times, you only need to increase the quantity during the photos selection step.
If you want to print it in another format and/or another style,  you have to do the order path as many times as there is different photo types.

Where are my photos printed?

The photos are printed by Flore, in our own Clicher studio which is based in Toulouse, France. I you want to check by yourself, you are welcome at 229 route de Seysses!

What process is used to develop the photos?

It is a mini digital laboratory: it develops the photographs using a digital technology which produces a film, developed in a traditional way in photochemical baths, on a photographic silver paper.

Where do you produce the boxes, the frames and all the products?

All the products made from cardboard are realized in our studio based in Toulouse, by our white gloves dream team. We shape, cut, assemble everything with our own hands. The gilding of the boxes are realized by Studio Pression, a gilding craftsman based in the Tarn.

What music can I listen to while preparing my order?

Discover our playlist on Spotify

7 Mobile Application

How do I install the app?

The application is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. The application is compatible with Android 4.1 and higher, as well as with iOS 9 and higher.

What is the app weight?

80 Mo maximum.

Can I continue an order after I close the app?

An order in preparation is kept in the cart even if you close the app. 

When do I need to update the app?

Each time an update is available, we strongly recommend you to install it, because you'll benefit from all our latest improvements developed by our team of developers.. 


8 Promos / Gifts

What is the validity period of a promo code?

For promo codes, it depends on the transactions but the validity period is always mentioned in the offer.

How do I use my promo code?

On the cart page, a space allows you to fill in the promo code and to benefit the promotion.

How can I do to sponsor my friends?

When you create a Clicher account, you will receive an email delivering you your sponsor code. You can also find this code in the app : “Profile” then “Sponsoship” and on the web site, rubric “My Account”.
You can share this code at will, through all types of channels (social network, sms, email, etc). If one of the people you sponsor, order on Clicher by entering this code, he will receive a 5 € discount on his first order. As for you, you will receive a promo code to use on your next order, to benefit also from a 5 € discount.
Then share without counting: the more we are, the more we laugh!

Can I offer a Clicher gift card?

Contact so that we can prepare it for you! The feature will be available directly online very soon.

How to please a friend or grandma?

By offering them some Clicher photos of course! You can send your order to the address of your choice. And you can also offer them a gift card (see previous question).