The Beehive

We commit for the bees protection by setting up a beehive in the Maison Clicher garden.


The Maison Clicher garden is home for many natural wonders: flowers, cherry trees, almond trees, vines, tomatoes and zucchinis. A composter is available to reduce waste and nourish the garden.

The beehive is another opportunity to support the production of this living pantry.

But it is also a commitment that we take for the bees safeguarding, and the environment protection in general. 30% of bees disappear each year in France, while they play a vital role in our ecosystem. It is high time we act to save them.

The beehive set up took place this very month of May!



1 swarm hosted in a hive contains an average of 50,000 individuals: 1 Queen, a large majority of workers and a few male-bees.

A queen can live up to 5 years, a worker and a male-bee 5 weeks in summer. During her life, the queen does nothing but lay. The bees will successively hold the different positions necessary for the beehive functioning. The male-bee will wait patiently to fertilize a future queen, an act that will condemn him immediately. 

Bees do not harvest honey but produce it, after transformation of the harvested nectar into the flowers they store in the honeycomb cells for maturation.

On average, a hive can produce 17 to 33 lbs, depending on many meteorological and environmental factors. For 22 lbs of honey, the bees will have to do between 800,000 to 4 millions travels.  

At Clicher, the first harvest will be in the early fall 2018 - Be patient!